SJ018B Protection – PV Fuse Holder Din 63Amp.Max ( No Fuse) 63x15mm

PR Protection – Solar PV Fuse Holder Large DC 14X51mm 50Amp.690V ( No Fuse)

perfect for holding 50Amp – 63Amp fuses

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DC fuse holders are indispensable components in safeguarding electrical equipment within direct current (DC) systems against current overloads and short circuits.

Their primary function is to secure fuses, which are devices engineered to melt in response to excessive current, thereby breaking the circuit and preventing potential damage to the equipment. These DC fuse holders come in diverse sizes and configurations, encompassing blade-type, cartridge-type, and surface mount varieties. They are constructed from materials that provide both insulation and a secure connection to the fuse.

Widely utilized in automotive, marine, industrial, and various other applications, DC fuse holders play a pivotal role in fortifying the integrity of DC power systems. To ensure optimal performance and safety, it is imperative to select the appropriate DC fuse holder based on the required current rating, voltage rating, and the preferred mounting method.