SJ018 Protection – Solar Power PV Fuse 50 Amp 1500V DC 65x15mm

Solarwize fuses is available for domestic electrical applications, from circuit breakers to plugs and sockets. These ceramic fuses are also available with an optional visual indicator.

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What material are these made from?

All series of cylindrical fuse links have ceramic bodies and silverplated copper end caps.

What size is it?

Sizes 8 x 32 mm, 10 x 38 mm, 14×51 mm & 22×58 mm in both Class gL-gG and aM are also available with a built-in striker for micro-switch operation and remote indication. Class gL-gG and aM fuse links are intended for industrial applications. All industrial fuse links are available with an operated visible fuse indicator.

What voltage is it?

This range of cylindrical cartridge fuses is available in a wide selection of physical sizes and current ratings for applications where the system voltage rating is 400, 500 and 690 Volts AC.

What is Breaking Capacity?

Breaking capacity is the level of current that the fuse can safely handle without exploding or breaking. The breaking capacity of your fuse should be greater than the fault current of your electronic circuit.

What are cartridge fuses used for?

• For the protection of components and equipment from costly damage used by over-current
• To isolate sub-systems from the main system once a fault has appeared

Solarwize Fuse, 14mm Diameter, 50A


To protect your appliances from short circuits and overcurrents, turn to this Eaton cartridge fuse. It’s a safety device that works by cutting off the power to a circuit when a fault occurs before it causes damage to people or equipment. As a sacrificial device, it’s designed to fail when a fault occurs. With a breaking capacity of 120kA, this component has a high threshold for current spikes and will operate safely without arcing. It has conductive copper contacts for a reliable connection. A 400V AC (alternating current) rating makes it a good fit for low-voltage applications such as distribution boards and circuit breakers.

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