SF026 Ecco – Solar Charge Controller – 12/24V 40A PWM

Ecco-Solar Charge Controller – 12/24V 40A PWM – Model OD2440S

The Ecco-Solar Charge Controller Model OD2440S is a high-performance and versatile solution for efficiently managing solar power in 12V and 24V systems. This advanced PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) charge controller is designed to optimize the charging process, ensuring maximum utilization of solar energy for your off-grid or solar-powered applications.

Package Includes:

  • 1X Ecco-Solar Charge Controller – 12/24V 40A PWM (Model OD2440S)
  • 1X User Manual

Enhance your solar power system with the efficiency and reliability offered by the Ecco-Solar Charge Controller. Model OD2440S provides intelligent charging and protection features, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of off-grid and solar applications.

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Key Features:

  • Voltage Compatibility:
    • Compatible with both 12V and 24V systems, providing flexibility for various solar setups and applications.
  • PWM Charging Technology:
    • Utilizes Pulse Width Modulation technology for efficient and controlled charging, preventing overcharging and ensuring optimal battery health.
  • High Amperage Capacity:
    • With a robust current handling capacity of 40A, this charge controller is well-suited for a wide range of solar power systems, accommodating substantial solar inputs.
  • USB Charging Port:
    • Equipped with a USB port delivering 5V and 2.4A, allowing convenient charging of USB-powered devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other accessories.
  • Intelligent Battery Management:
    • Ensures the protection of your batteries by preventing overcharge, over-discharge, and offers short circuit protection for enhanced safety and longevity.
  • Maximum PV Input Power:
    • Handles a maximum photovoltaic (PV) input power of 600W for 12V systems and 1200W for 24V systems, making it suitable for diverse solar installations.
  • LED Indicators:
    • Clear LED indicators provide real-time information on charging status, battery conditions, and overall system performance, offering visual insights for easy monitoring.
  • Durable and Compact Design:
    • Built with durability in mind, the Ecco-Solar Charge Controller features a compact and weather-resistant design, ensuring reliability in various environmental conditions.


  • Model: OD2440S
  • USB Output: 5V, 2.4A
  • Current Capacity: 40A
  • Voltage Compatibility: 12V/24V
  • Maximum PV Input Power:
    • 600W (12V)
    • 1200W (24V)


Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 8 × 4 cm