SA025 Lairunh - Inverter Modified SIgn Wave 24 Volt 4000 Watt

Great quality and widely used for all kinds of electric equipment which power consumption which voltage are equal to AC 220V, such as cell-phone, laptop, electric light, digital camera, Videocon, TV, CD player, DVD, electrical fan, electrical tools and so on.

Modified Sine Wave Inverter

High converting efficiency

Steady and precise output voltage

Overload and over temperature protection

Audio alarm of low voltage prior to auto shutdown

Dual cooling fan system, ensure effective heat dissipation

Single socket output.

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4000W inverter DC 24V/12V to AC 220V Modified Sine Wave car charger

Power supply

1. Switch, modified sine wave DC 12 V or DC 24 V to AC 220 V

2. Adopted with advanced PWM chip technology, high conversion, securely protecting your devices and car circuit,

3.The product is mainly designed for the Russian region, it uses a high quality power tube, the performance is stable, the working temperature can reach -60-60 Celsius at + 75 Celsius- + 75-60 Celsius at + 75 Celsius, and it is very hot on the Russian market.

4. Perfect for off-car use, powers power tools, rice cookers, kettles, heaters, high power appliances, etc.

5. Built-in multiple fuses for more stable current and voltage

6. Switching power transformer, unique design of cooling fans.

7. Exquisite workmanship, smooth lines, durable aluminum-magnesium alloy material, to create a safe and durable inverter.

8. Power control fan, intelligent temperature control, to prevent the temperature is too high, affecting the inverter work.


Additional information

Weight4.25 kg
Dimensions38.0 × 18.0 × 15.0 cm