BY058 Ritar – GP Battery Sealed Lead Acid 12V 9Amp Large Terminal. New

VB – Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12V 9Amp Large Terminal

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Ritar 12V 9Ah Replacement Battery

The Ritar RT series battery is designed as a versatile and reliable power source with a 5-year design life in float service. This battery adheres to the stringent standards set by IEC and JIS. Utilizing advanced AGM valve-regulated technology and high-purity raw materials, the RT series battery ensures dependable standby service life. It finds applications in UPS/EPS systems, medical equipment, emergency lighting, and security systems.

Float Service Maintenance:

  • Monthly inspection of battery voltage is recommended.
  • Every three months, it is advisable to perform an equalization charge.

Equalization Charge Method:

  • Discharge the battery at a rate of 100% of its rated capacity.
  • Charge the battery with a maximum current of 0.3 times the capacity (0.3CA) at a constant voltage of 14.4-14.7V for 24 hours.

Effect of Temperature on Float Charge Voltage:

  • The float charge voltage should be adjusted by -3mV per degree Celsius per cell.

It’s important to note that the length of service life of the battery will be directly impacted by the number of discharge cycles it undergoes.

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