BB010 Auto – FIAMM 652 AGM Battery 12 Volt 70Ah with OLD Battery. Plus R290 without OLD Battery.

  • FIAMM 652 (H6) AGM Maintenance Free (Sealed)


  • New negative plate additives and advanced processing techniques for improved charge acceptance.
  • Twice the life cycle of standard flooded automotive batteries, especially beneficial in stop/start conditions.
  • High cranking power for reliable engine starts.
  • Fully recyclable, contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • Longer lasting and energy-saving.
  • Maintenance-free under normal operating conditions.
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The FIAMM 652 (H6) – 12V 70AH AGM Battery is a high-performance automotive battery designed to meet the power demands of medium to large-sized vehicles. With a 20 Hour Capacity of 70Ah, this AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery ensures a reliable and long-lasting power supply.

Engineered with new negative plate additives and advanced processing techniques, this battery exhibits improved charge acceptance, making it an ideal choice for vehicles with stop/start systems. Its advanced technology provides twice the life cycle of standard flooded automotive batteries, ensuring durability and longevity.

Featuring a robust design, this AGM battery delivers high cranking power, ensuring a dependable start for your vehicle. The sealed and maintenance-free design eliminates the need for regular maintenance under normal operating conditions, adding to the convenience for vehicle owners.

The battery’s dimensions (314mm x 175mm x 190mm) make it suitable for a wide range of vehicles. Its versatility, combined with a 2-year warranty, makes the FIAMM 652 (H6) AGM Battery a reliable choice for those seeking a powerful and durable automotive battery.Upgrade your vehicle’s power source with the FIAMM 652 (H6) – 12V 70AH AGM Battery for enhanced performance and longevity.

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Weight20 kg
Dimensions28 × 17 × 20 cm