CLQ650 SP - Andowl Smart Switch. Wireless Remote Control Switch. AC 90-220 10Amps 433mHZ
CLQ655 SM - Andowl Remote WiFi Circuit Breaker. AC 90-240Volts 63Amps
CLQ700 - SP Andowl Solar PIR .Sound and Light Alarm WiFi Compatible
CLQ900 - SP Andowl Wireless-N WIFI Repeater 2.4 GHz WLAN Networks
EB015 Konnwei Bluetooth Battery Tester 12 Volts
LG011 AV - TWS Airpods with Charging Case.Bluetooth. Includes USB Cable
LG016 AV - PRO8 Generic Airpods with Charging Case. .Bluetooth. Includes USB Cable
LN047 Appliance - VBHW 32''/ 80 CM LED Solar SMART TV 12Volt DC


SJ043C Protection - Din AC Intelligent Voltage/Current Protection Switch - 63 amp WiFI Smart